Sooo Close Now…

I spent much of last weekend working on the final touches so I could submit my book for the final edit. For some strange reason, this time round the final items included deciding on the title and chapter headings. I had a lot of fun playing around with various ideas, and here is what I landed up with

Title: A Different Way Of Seeing Sub-title: My Life Without Sight

  • Chapter 01: Who, How And Why (my basic story)
  • Chapter 02: Covering The Basics
  • Chapter 03: At Home
  • Chapter 04: Putting Myself Together (clothing, make-up, etc)
  • Chapter 05: Bits, Bytes And Snarls (using technology)
  • Chapter 06: Earning My Keep
  • Chapter 07: …And In My Leisure Time???
  • Chapter 08: Supercanines Are Go! (about my guide dogs)
  • Chapter 09: Out And About
  • Chapter 10: Seeing the World… Or Not??? (travel)
  • Chapter 11: From The Outside In (chapter written by my husband, Craig)

The title and chapter headings are not set in stone, so they may change before I finally publish the book, but that’s what they are for now. In the next two or three weeks, while the book is being edited, I need to complete the cover and investigate printing. Sooo close now…

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