Lois Strachan

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What would you do if you opened your eyes one morning and found you couldn’t see a thing?

When Lois Strachan lost her sight at the age of 21 she had to figure out how to live as a blind person in a sighted world. As an inspirational speaker, author and workshop facilitator Lois speaks openly about the reality of being blind and inspires her audiences to see their own lives in a different way, allowing them to reach beyond their challenges to success.

Lois is a disability advocate who is passionate about facilitating the inclusion of those who live with blindness or low vision into the workplace and the community.

Lois Strachan – inspirational speaker

Through Lois’s presentations you will learn not only what it’s like living without sight, but also gain a sense of how the sighted and unsighted worlds coincide. Lois will give you a thorough understanding of how a blind person is able to live a full, fun and productive life as a fully engaged member of a community, both within an organisation and beyond. Through Lois’s honesty and sense of humour you will learn how to engage fully with your own life and overcome the obstacles that life throws into your path.

You are a natural speaker, enthusiastic, optimistic, passionate and thoroughly inspiring!” – Tanya, audience member.

Lois Strachan – workshop facilitator

In her workshops Lois gets down to the nitty gritty of how she accomplishes daily tasks to allow her to live a fully engaged life. Her honesty and sense of humour combine to make these workshops a practical source of understanding of how to integrate someone who is blind or visually impaired into your workplace or community.

“You are eloquent and humourous, and they (our community health workers )were inspired by your courage and passion.” – Sue, workshop organiser.

Lois Strachan – author

Lois’s books on what it’s like living without sight are excellent ways for readers of all ages to understand both what it is like being blind but, far more importantly, to understand what is possible for those without sight.

Love Lois’s book! It is heart-warming, humorous and inspirational. Everyone should read this book” – Judy, on A Different Way of seeing.

My daughter adores the Missy Mouse series! They are a great way to educate your children about disability and open up a dialogue about respect and empathy. Highly recommended!” – Natashia, on the Adventures of Missy Mouse illustrated children’s books

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