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Disability coaching

Individual coaching for people with a disability and their support team.

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A Tour of the District Six Museum

Having been notified that we had been successful in our funding application for the Inclusive Heritage ‘Kanala’ (please) project, our first step was to visit the District Six Museum to gain a sense of their existing exhibits and what the visitor experience might be like for a blind or partially blind person. Our plan was …

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A Project on Inclusive Heritage with the District Six Museum

Following the success of the blind photography project, professional photographer Karren Visser and I decided to collaborate on a second project. We put in a funding application to the UK-based disability arts group Unlimited which, in partnership with British Council, invited proposals for projects promoting disabled arts. The project that Karren and I decided to …

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Paws for Thought on My Beautiful Nose

Hello everyone, it’s me – Fiji. I took Mom on another adventure recently. This time we went on a street art tour of the place called Salt River. I’ve taken Mom there before, when she wanted to visit the Cape Town Society for the Blind, but we weren’t going there this time. Instead we went …

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