Adjustment to Disability and Ability Coaching Work

Receiving a diagnosis of disability causes huge changes in a person’s life. There is so much to learn, accept and to make sense of, and the uncertainties can be overwhelming for both the person concerned and for those around them.

As a coach, Lois has worked with individuals with a diverse range of disabilities to facilitate their growth and empowerment. Topics covered include adjustment to blindness, overcoming challenges to move forward, understanding what is still possible for them and helping them make sense of the overwhelming degree of change they are facing due to the onset of a diagnosis.

Lois draws on her wide experience of various disabilities and her own firsthand experiences to guide and reassure both those with a recent diagnosis of disability, or someone who is looking to shift into new areas of possibility.

Whether you are adapting to a diagnosis of disability, are already living with a disability and are seeking to explore new possibilities, or whether you have a friend, family member or a colleague who lives with a disability and you would like to understand how best to support them, Lois is the person to chat to.

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Other Resources

Lois’s books, Beyond Sight blog and her podcast cover a wealth of additional information that may be of help to persons adapting to a disability and to those who wish to support their growth. You will find out more about these resources elsewhere on this website.