Finally, the Journey Draws to an End

Lois Cover frontI know I’ve been quiet for a while. But I Promise you I’ve had a really good reason for it– I’ve been finishing off my book, A Different Way of Seeing: A Blind Woman’s Journey of Living an “Ordinary” Life in an Extraordinary Way.

After what feels like a long journey spanning 15 months, the book is finally with the printer, which means I will be opening pre-orders any day now…

I still have a few observations from my recent trip to Poland to share with you, but somehow this feels like it deserves to be shared first, so I’ll go back to those articles soon.

Just know that I’m busy setting up the processes so you can order the book as soon as possible… just in time for you to read it over the holidays!

Watch this space for more updates on how to get your own copy of the book…


  1. Congratulations Lois on finishing your book! That is a wonderful accomplishment and worthy of champagne and celebration! I can’t wait to order a copy and read it. I love the title, particularly since when people ask me how I am, my answer almost always is “Extraordinary!” which sometimes generates a response of “How could you be extraordinary because you are blind!” So, that opens a discussion about me having my wide range of emotions between happy and exuberant because that’s how I feel and because I live a very fulfilling and joyous life. So there. So I will save a bottle of champagne for when we convene sometime, somewhere between Milwaukee Wisconsin and Cape Town South Africa.

    1. Many thanks, Carla – the book is available in either print or for Kindle on If neither of these formats work for you, let me know and we can chat about an alternative that you can access

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