Paws for Thought on Where to Sleep

The image shows a yellow Labrador sleeping in a dog bed.

Hello everyone, it’s me – Fiji

This morning my doggy brother Onyx asked me such a silly question. He asked me why I sleep under Mom and Dad’s bed.

I thought he was rather rude to have asked me. I mean, I don’t ask him why he sometimes sleeps in the bedroom and sometimes in the lounge. So why should he ask me about my preferred sleeping habits?

Anyway, I don’t always sleep under the bed. I only do that in Summer, and it’s because it’s actually cooler under the bed. Also, if I sleep there I don’t get bugged by Onyx or my doggy sister, Allie. Because neither of them choose to crawl under the bed to experience how nice it is.

I also sometimes just sleep on the parquet floor. But that’s usually when I’ve just got back from a walk on a truly hot day and the wooden tiles help to cool me down.

In a few months, when it gets a little colder I’ll probably go back to sleeping next to the bed, either right near where Mom sleeps or on the cosy dog beds at the bottom of the human bed. And, when it gets really cold, hopefully either Mom or Dad will cover me with a nice warm blankie so I can cuddle up in a comfy way.

Anyway, I didn’t feel like explaining all that to my brother, so I just walked off and curled up under the bed for a nap.

Oh, I suppose I should also wish you wags for the new year. I’ve decided I’m not going to set any new year’s resolutions this year because my life is pretty perfect. Except for the fact that I still only get two meals a day… but I’ve given up on hoping that Mom will start feeding me lunch as well.

I hope you all have a very waggy 2023 and have lots of time to do everything you dream of – walking with your mom, eating lots of yummy food, playing with your doggy sisters and brothers, and going to loads of exciting places – just like I hope for me, too. Happy New Year to you!

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  1. Wow Fiji you are quite smart hey! Wishing you well for the new year

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