Pause for Thought on Being Grounded

The image shows a yellow Labrador with her forehead furrowed as if frowning

Hello everyone, it’s me – Fiji.

I’ve been getting more and more angry over the past few months. It feels like Mom is simply never around anymore – first she went to Europe for a whole month. She had only been home for a few weeks when she suddenly disappeared again, this time to Mauritius. And again left me behind.

I’ve had enough! My patience is totally at an end. I’m putting my paws down firmly – all four of them, and have decided that  Mom is officially grounded from now until I say differently. Without exception, she is not allowed to leave the house without me.

Of course I will allow her to come walking with me, and she can even go shopping or visiting friends. But only if I’m with her. Because I am sick and tired of being left behind when she goes away.

Please don’t think that I don’t enjoy having Aunty Claire to play with when Mom and Dad are away. Because she’s lovely and is loads of fun. It’s just that I’m a guide dog and my place is with my mom, wherever she is. So I think I should always go along with her when she disappears

So, like I said – Mom can go out if she’s with me. But otherwise she is grounded till further notice.

And that’s just the way it’s going to be!

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