NVDA Reader

Taking the Plunge

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve been indulging in the useless inactivity of extreme procrastination. I know I have a tendency to avoid using new technology until I simply can’t put it off any later – I suspect it has something to do with my not-so-secret fear that I will singlehandedly destroy the tech world as we know it by inadvertently hitting the wrong key at the wrong time. And yes, logically I know that is simply impossible…. Well, at least extremely unlikely (at least I hope so!)

Anyway, the reason I’m telling you this is to try and justify why I’ve been two-timing my new netbook for the past two months. Which isn’t as bad as it sounds, I promise.

In March I blogged about my imminent shift from my trusty old Windows 7 netbook with the JAWS screen reader to a brand new netbook with Windows 10 and a new screen reader, NVDA Reader.

The truth is that the new computer has been sitting there gathering dust since I wrote that, despite my public statement to the contrary.

Anyway, last week I finally realized that if I didn’t just set up the new computer and start using it that I was just never going to do so.
So I did just that.

And now I’m slowly working my way through the challenge of the new double learning curve.
I get terribly frustrated every now and then when I can’t get something to work, but thankfully I have a number of friends who are able to help, both blind and sighted. And that’s made all the difference.
And I’m doing okay… so far!

But if you notice something odd in one of the posts over the next few weeks, or in an e-mail I send you, it’s probably just Windows 10/NVDA teething problems!

Testing My new technology Breaking Point

Anyone who’s read my book, “A Different Way of Seeing” will know that I have something of a love-hate relationship with technology. I love the freedom that technology gives me to do the things that I want, but I’m frequently frustrated when the tech “doesn’t work”! And yes, I’m even willing to admit that in many instances “not working” is caused by my lack of knowledge, lack of skill or simple user error.

As it turns out, today I’m testing my new technology breaking point to the outer limit – I’ve just bought a brand new laptop with Windows 10… which means I’m going to have to learn not only a new operating system but also a new screen reader since the (very old) one I’ve been using will just roll over and expire if I try to use it on the new system.

As you can imagine I’m just a teensy little bit stressed right now.

  • Will I overcome the challenge of having two significant learning curves taking place at the same time?
  • Will I become so stressed out and unpleasant that my friends and family avoid seeing me till I’m through this phase?
  • Will even my beloved guide dog Fiji pack her bags and beg to go on an extended doggy vacation till I figure Windows 10 and NVD Reader out?
  • Or will I totally lose it and wind up gibbering in a corner with the new laptop grinning evilly down at me?

At this stage I don’t have an answer to those questions… but I seriously hope none of them will become a reality.

I’ll let you know what happens… At least, I will if I’m able to do so

Wish me luck… till we “speak” again!

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