Our Inclusive Heritage Project Makes the News

Webpage of the Daily Maverick. At the top, there is a header with options and a logo. Below the header, there is a section titled GOING THE DISTANCE in capital letters, followed by the headline Disabling the wheelchair myth – forging a path to inclusive heritage in SA. The main part of the picture shows an image of two people inside what appears to be a museum or exhibition.

In my last post, I mentioned that the Inclusive Heritage ‘Kanala’ (please) project had one more exciting outcome for Karren Visser and myself.

At the start of the project we had discussed asking South African journalist Florence de Vries if she would consider writing an article for the traditional media on what we had been doing together with the District Six Museum, to make the museum experience more inclusive of people who were blind or partially blind.

In the excitement of the project, we didn’t have much time to look at the idea of an article in any detail. So it was only once we had completed the main activities and the phygital workshop that we began to think more seriously about whether or not it might be possible.

We had a lovely chat with Florence and explained a little about the project outcomes. Florence then drafted some basic questions for us and for Tina Smith, the exhibitions manager at the District Six Museum, who had been our main point of contact. And then she started to draft the article.

After giving feedback on an initial version, we were thrilled with how Florence presented the aims and outcomes of the project and waited with bated breath to see if any of the media outlets would run the story…

We were delighted when Florence informed us that the article had been picked up by the Daily Maverick – and not just the online version, but the weekend print paper!

And, a few days later, there it was – a double page spread, with photographs.

If you’d like to read the article, you will find it at https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2023-05-02-disabling-the-wheelchair-myth-forging-a-path-to-inclusive-heritage-in-sa

Such wonderful recognition of the project and the collaboration between Karren and myself and everyone at the District Six Museum. And so beautifully captured by Florence.

It was a wonderful end to what will always be a special project for me, with my lifelong love of history.


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