Look Who Made It into People Magazine!


I have absolutely the best friends and colleagues! This was proved yet again when not one, but two people forwarded me an interview request from Media Alerts. It seemed that a journalist from People Magazine was wanting to interview women who are leading a successful life despite a disability.

Of course I replied…

And here’s a link to the article that appeared on 2 August this year – hope you enjoy it!

Look Who’s in the Cape Times!

I was really excited to have an article about my recent Toastmasters award published on page 3 of the
Cape Times newspaper on 18 July, 2017.

Here’s a photo of the article.


And for those who can’t see the photo… or would prefer to read it online, here’s the link to the article:

What Do You Mean I Need to Do a Video???

Cds 2017 04 18 20 49 22Some people are completely comfortable in front of a camera. I’ve always believed that I‘m just not one of them – especially not when it’s a video camera!

So, when I agreed to record a short video for the Toastmasters club leader training for the training sessions that’ll take place across Southern Africa over the next two months I was slightly…. Umm… shall we say anxious?

Here’s the thing: I knew my topic and was happy with the specific information I’d chosen to share. So that’s not what was making me nervous. And one would have thought that I couldn’t be camera shy since I couldn’t see the camera. So, to all intents and purposes, speaking in front of a camera should have been no more nerve-wracking than my usual presentations. And yet it was.

Of course there was the pressure of trying to ensure I kept looking at the video – remember I don’t have a physical point of reference to look at so “straying” was a real possibility. And that certainly added to my stress. Ultimately though, I think my anxiety was due to the uncertainty of it all – how was it all going to work out, was I going to remember everything I wanted to say, and would it be “good enough” to satisfy everyone involved… well, realistically I know that we’re all usually out own worst critics, so I guess that should be ‘would it be ‘good enough’to satisfy me?

Thankfully, Bruce Wade, of EMS, where we were recording the video was great at helping me think through many of my concerns – we chatted before shooting the video so we were both clear on what was going to happen and what our preferred outcome was. Then we went into the studio and Bruce oriented me to the position of the camera so I knew where I should be looking.

And then we did a take…

And then a second take…

And then we were done. In just two takes. And I was happy with it… well, sort of, mostly, kind of happy (dratted self-critic!)

Admittedly the fact that my guide dog Fiji was perfectly content to snooze in the corner also helped ease my anxiety- can you imagine if she had felt compelled to make her on-screen debut – or if she had started snoring – but by far the factor that most helped me relax and just concentrate on the message I wanted to get across was the level of professionalism shown by Bruce in talking through the process and resolving the concerns I had.

So, next time I need to get a video done, guess who I’ll be calling on?

Here are Bruce’s contacts, in case you have need of his video production services:
Bruce Wade
Chief Entrepreneur Officer

Northern Block, Upper Eastside
31 Brickfield Road, Woodstock, Cape Town
Tel: 021 839 2281 |

Blind Abilities – my first ever podcast interview

I was recently interviewed for one of my favourite podcasts, Blind Abilities – you can listen to the interview here:

Blind Abilities is a podcast focussed on empowering people who are blind or visually impaired. The podcast is presented by Jeff Thompson and Pete Lane. I first started listening when a friend, Chris Venter, aka Blind Scooter Guy, was interviewed and then started looking at what else they had to offer.

They cover several different subjects, which appear to be split into two main categories:

* Assistive products/skills
* Interviews

The assistive products and skills episodes usually either show us how to use our assistive technology better or showcase products on the market for people who are blind or visually impaired. It’s amazing how a few simple techniques can make a real difference in speeding up what I’m doing on my iPhone or my JAWS screenreader. It also makes sense to keep up with what is out there in the market– you never know what apps or gadget may come along and revolutionise your life. Well, okay – I never know what apps and gadgets may come along and revolutionise MY life, but you know what I mean.

Jeff and Pete also conduct interviews with blind and visually impaired people who are out there doing amazing things in the world. I regularly find myself nodding in agreement since the interviews resonate with me so much. As you can imagine, I was overwhelmed when I was offered the chance to be interviewed – thanks, Jeff!

If you’re interested in hearing really inspiring stories of how blind and visually impaired people live extraordinary lives, then give Blind Abilities a listen. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

You can find Blind Abilities on or wherever you download your podcasts.

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