A Remarkably Happy Accident!

You know, sometimes things that happen by accident turn out to have the most remarkable results.

Over the years people have asked me to describe what it’s like working with a guide dog. Sure, I can describe the experience but that doesn’t come close to what it’s really like.

On one of our regular walks I decided to try and capture what Fiji might be seeing as we walked down the road. I thought I could take a photograph and post it on Facebook to give you an idea of how she might see the world. But then, by accident, I realized I had activated the video camera…

And here’s the video:

For my non-visual friends the video shows Fiji and myself walking one of our usual routes. The pavement beside us is overgrown with shrubs and grass so we’re walking on the edge of the road, what is termed a “country walk”. In the background you’ll hear the sound of Fiji’s harness jingling as she walks, other dogs barking in the distance and some of the verbal commands I use to keep Fiji focussed and engaged with what she’s doing.

I was surprised when Craig told me that every now and then Fiji looks back over her shoulder to check that I’m okay – I can’t think of a more graphic way to demonstrate the unique relationship that is the bond between a guide dog and their owner!

So, what started out as an accident turned into a really amazing way for me to show you what it’s like being led by a guide dog. Short of lending you my dog so you can test-drive her – which just isn’t going to happen – this is probably the best way I could share the experience with you.

Enjoy the video!

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