A moment of Absolute Indecision

When I was young someone told me that if a dog was sitting half way between two bowls of dog food they would starve because they wouldn’t be able to decide which bowl to go to first.

I’ve always had problems with that story – I simply couldn’t believe that a dog wouldn’t just go and eat one bowl and then rush over and eat the other. But a few days ago I was astounded to see that story play out in reality – and, well, let’s just say I was startled by what happened!

On this particular day Craig was getting ready to take Fiji for a run. He takes her running at least once a week and she absolutely loves it! I usually try to feed the dogs early on the evening Fiji is to run because the trainers at the SA Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind warned us a dog shouldn’t be active for 30 minutes after they eat.

When I realized how late it had become I decided to simply feed Fiji when she got back from her run, feeding the other dogs while she was away. It seemed like the perfect solution!

As usual, Fiji ran to Craig so he could attach her leash prior to the run. Then she ran full speed back to me, whining for her food. She reached me, immediately turned round and ran back to Craig, now whining because she wanted to run. She ran back and forth several times again, all the time whining desperately. It was as if she couldn’t make up her mind which to sacrifice –her run, or her supper!

Craig finally called her and told her they were leaving. With a final glance and heart-breaking whine in my direction, Fiji dashed off for her run. Of course, Fiji’s supper was waiting for her when she returned so she got to have her cake and eat it, as the old saying goes.

The point is, I’m no longer certain about the story I was told when I was young – if it were Fiji she might just starve from her inability to choose. And before anyone yells at me, I promise I’m not going to put it to the test – I’d never be that cruel to Fiji!

Watch the video to see and hear how excited Fiji gets when she knows she’s about to be taken for a run…

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  1. It would come down to one or the other first and then it would end up being… both.
    Got the walk and the food with just one yelp! Lol

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