An unexpected Realization about Writing

A few days ago I had an unexpected epiphany about the book I’m writing and the consequences of going back into my memories of my personal journey.

It’s almost as if recalling some of the experiences I’ve had in the past has opened a floodgate of other memories. I will be busy with a task – sometimes writing, sometimes something totally unrelated to my book, like making a cup of tea – and suddenly I will start thinking about something that happened ages and ages ago… something I haven’t thought of in years, if not decades!

But here’s the truly unexpected part: all of these memories are of joyful times

It may be that I am focusing on the more humorous anecdotes from my life as a blind person, it may be that I have always more easily been able to recall the positives and forget the negatives – but whatever the reason, the result of this entire writing process and its unexpected consequences is that I find myself in a very light and positive state of mind these days.

And that is just awesome!

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  1. That is awesome! 🙂

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