From Seeing to Hearing – the Start of a New Journey

I’ve been rereading my book,” A Different Way of Seeing – A Blind Woman’s Journey of Living an ‘Ordinary’ Life in an Extraordinary Way”, before starting the journey of turning it into an audio book. I can’t tell you how many people have asked if the book’s available on Audible. I’ve been meaning to get it into audio for some time – and that time is now!

It’s been really interesting comparing the person I am now to the me who wrote the book three years ago. In truth, it’s been quite a revelation!

Here’s some of the things that’ve struck me:

  • How much my writing style’s evolved –I’m over the moon when people who’ve read my book tell me I write just like I speak. I wanted the book to have a conversational tone and people tell me that’s how they feel, too. I also feel my writing “voice” has developed from writing regular blogposts. But I frowned when I reread my book because my language was more formal than I remembered– “It is” instead of “It’s”, “I have not” instead of “I haven’t”, just for two simple examples. And I’m worried the audio version will sound unnaturally stilted because of the language unless I change it a little.
  • How much has changed–the number of things I’m doing that I wasn’t doing then, like podcasting, playing the occasional game on my iPhone, using online meeting software to run interviews, and becoming more involved in the accessible travel community; how much the work I’m doing has been refined; how much more comfortable I’ve become in trying new technologies; how much Fiji and I have grown and developed as a team, to name but a few of the ways my life has changed since writing the book.
  • How much I’ve learned– time and time again I found mention of tasks I couldn’t do without sighted assistance at the time of writing that I now do on my own using technology. Often I’d smile at my prior self, knowing how more independent I’d soon become. Not to mention shaking my head in wonder at a few things I considered improbable, if not impossible, back then that are now also completely routine to me.

It’s been a valuable experience for me and given me plenty time to reflect on my growth.

Some of you may be wondering why I’m going to the trouble of rereading my own book just to turn it into an audio book. The answer is that I plan to update the content for the audio version. Because, while most of what I included is still relevant, the things that have changed are so significant that they’ve altered how I do things which, after all, is what my book’s about.

I’ll keep you updated on how things are going as I carry on with this journey – most of the details are still vague, but I’m keeping my eyes firmly on the prize!

A Cause for Celebration!

Cds MG 7641I could hardly believe my eyes… umm, ears? When the list of the articles I’ve written for this blog told me that this is article 100! I seriously can’t believe I’ve written 100 articles since starting this blog just short of 2 years ago.

Looking back over all I’ve written I can honestly say that this blog has covered my journey over the past 2 years and has highlighted the shift in my purpose, the refining of my message and the work I’m doing as a speaker and a writer… not to mention the joy of the journey of discovery I’ve been taking with my guide dog, Fiji!

It’s also given me a chance to review all that I’ve done since starting the blog and to realize how much has changed in my life and how much I’ve grown. I know I’ve said it before in this blog and particularly in the final chapter of my book, “A Different Way of Seeing” – we are so busy living our lives and doing the things we need to do that we sometimes forget to take note of how much we’ve achieved. Looking back at my articles brought that message home to me once again.

So, as I celebrate the fact of my 100th article I want to encourage you to take a moment to reflect on your own life and review what you’ve achieved – you may well be surprised at how far you’ve travelled in your own journey.

I’m looking forward to my next hundred articles and the next exciting stages of my journey and my life – thank you for sharing them with me by reading my stories. I appreciate your taking the time to see what Fiji and I have been up to, and love the comments and feedback I receive both on the articles themselves and on the versions I post on social media – so thank you!

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