Paws for Thought on Justifiable Grumpiness

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Hello everyone, it’s me – Fiji.

I don’t believe it! It’s just not right!

A few days ago I finally relented and told Mom she was no longer grounded. If you remember, I grounded her when she returned from Mauritius at the end of last year and told her she wasn’t allowed to leave the house without me until I said she could.

Well, I figured that even a human would have learned their lesson by now, and that she wouldn’t leave me behind again. So I graciously ungrounded her.

And she went back to Mauritius, wherever that is. And left me behind. Again.

I promise it’s not that I’m not being looked after – Aunty Claire is here and she is loads of fun. But it’s just that I cannot believe that Mom has gone again. I mean, really!

Anyhow, I guess what I really want to know is why Mom doesn’t just take me with her when she travels. When I ask her, she hugs me and gives me lots of different excuses. Like there not being patches of grass on an airplane. And how uncomfortable long flights would be for me. Or the health requirements for me to be able to travel with her. Or the uncertainty of being able to always find leash relief areas at the places she’s going to stay. Or me not having a luggage allowance of my own so I could take all my stuff with us.

But I have yet to hear a single reason that she and I couldn’t find a solution for. Except maybe when she mentioned required inoculations I might have to have – she knows I cry lots when I have injections so maybe that’s one reason that I’ll understand. But none of the others.

And then my sister Allie and my brother Onyx could also come with us and it would be wonderful for us all.

So, I think I’m fully justified in feeling grumpy right now. And you can be sure I’m going to ground Mom again when she gets back next week. Because she’s an extremely naughty mom. And I’m cross with her.

All I can say is, watch out, Mom!

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