Paws for Thought on My Proxy Travelling Guide Dog Friend

A small black stuffed toy dog sitting on a table facing several boxes of tea, with a plate of biscuits next to them

Hello everyone, it’s me – Fiji.

If you read my last article, you’ll know that my mom came back from Mauritius, wherever that is, a few weeks ago. I think it may be taking time for her to recover from being away from me, because I see she hasn’t written any blog posts for a while. But I’m sure she’ll start posting again soon.

Anyway, I wanted to reassure you that she wasn’t totally without guide dog support while she was away, as she had my little friend Puppy-Dog with her. Puppy-Dog is a small black stuffed toy that Dad met in a supermarket in Barcelona, wherever that is. Puppy-Dog was helping to raise funds for the Barcelona Guide Dog Association. And he followed Mom and Dad home from that trip.

He gets to travel with Mom when I can’t go with her. It’s good to know she has a guide dog with her, even if it is only a stuffed toy one.

Puppy Dog was with Mom in Mauritius. He told me all about the places they visited when he came home. He was with Mom and Dad (M&D) when they went to the Takamaka lichi wine farm, a rum tasting, and a boat trip to a waterfall. He also told me that, though he was with Mom when she met monkeys on that boat trip, that he got a little scared that the monkeys might steal him, so he hid away in her bag and kept very still. To be honest, I’m not sure what I would have done if I’d met those monkeys – I suppose I’d either have yelled at them or tried to hide away as well. So I can’t really blame Puppy-Dog for feeling intimidated by them.

One of the other places Puppy-Dog went was to a tea tasting. As you can see from the picture, M&D were given a big pot of hot water and a stack of tea boxes so they could taste what they wanted. Of course they tried almost all of them, because they enjoy tea. I’m not sure why, but they do.

Puppy-Dog got to sniff all the boxes and explore the different smells. He told me there were no yummy flavours like beef or chicken, only odd things like fruit and flowers. But he sniffed them anyway.

Personally I would have given the boxes a quick sniff to be sure there was nothing of interest and then focused on the plate of biscuits that came with the tea. It’s obvious that Puppy-Dog isn’t a Labrador, or he would have done that too. But I guess he is only a toy, after all.

When all is said and done, I’m glad that Puppy-Dog enjoyed travelling around with Mom and that he got to go to some interesting places. But I’m glad that Mom is home and is here for me to take her for walks again. Because I truly love my mom and am happiest when we are together.

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