Paws for Thought 02 -Rewards or Bribes?

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Something else about humans that gives me paws for thought is when people ask my mom if giving me treats to reward me for good behavior when we’re working isn’t a form of bribery… like it’s something bad!

I seriously don’t understand why people will walk up to a pedestrian crossing and not get a treat for finding the traffic light. I mean, what motivates them to do it if they don’t get a treat?

And when people go to our local shop it baffles me that they just walk in and start browsing amongst the groceries – don’t they know they would get a treat if they went up to the counter and just waited for someone to come and help?

I Personally think it’s a question of training – if humans were better trained they would know what they ought to do in order to get more treats. It’s really not that hard and I’m sure even humans could remember provided they got regular practice. I mean, I also had to be taught about treats and clicker training when I was a young puppy, but now that mom and I walk almost every day it’s second nature to me.

I hope mom reads this article so she can explain better the next time someone gets confused about rewarding me with treats and refers to it as bribery. Then they can learn how they can also get treats. I’m sure that will make lots of people much happier with life!

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