A Different Way of Seeing
Helping You Make Sense of the Overwhelm

If you feel overwhelmed by the tasks you’re facing, you may need someone to help you make sense of the overwhelm. Let Lois Strachan help you find a different way of seeing.

Whether you’re an organisation wanting to make your workplace and online offerings more accessible to persons with disabilities, or a person navigating the world after becoming disabled, seeing things a little differently may help you make sense of what you need to move forward.

Lois Strachan knows all about managing overwhelm. After becoming blind at the age of 21, she had to figure out how to live as a blind person in a sighted world, learning new ways to do everything. Since then, Lois has realized that her abilities to solve problems, focus on ways to break down complex challenges and solve them step by step, and her determination to move forward despite her blindness were assets she could teach to others.

As a coach, transformational speaker, disability advisor, bestselling author, blogger, and podcaster, Lois is ready to help you see your world differently and make sense of the overwhelm.

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