Paws for Thought on Water

Fiji and Emily in the water

I’ve always thought water was kind of fun. I don’t mean drinking water, though that’s also quite important when I’m thirsty or have just got back from a walk or a run. And I’m also not talking about bathing – that’s definitely not fun. But this Christmas break reminded me of how much fun playing in water can be.

First, when I went to spend Christmas Day with my doggy cousins Huey and Bailey, I was given a bone. I decided to hide away on the other side of the garden, so that neither the humans nor my doggy cousins would be tempted to steal it. Then it started pouring with rain. And I decided to stay there and eat my bone.

Boy, was I wet! Luckily, mom just shook her head and laughed when she saw me.

Then, on Boxing Day, I accidentally fell into a swimming pool. I know some of you may be thinking that I jumped in, but I really didn’t. I was running past the pool and suddenly the ground wasn’t there. Dad says he saw the look on my face as I disappeared into the pool and he could tell I was surprised. Luckily, there were humans around who came and fished me out. But, boy was I wet! Again.

Even though it was quite fun, I decided that discretion might be the better part of valour, and stayed a safe distance from the evil pool. Instead, I had lots of fun playing with all the humans who were there, and with my 8-week old doggy nephew – a Golden Retriever puppy named Bear.

Finally, when dad let me and my doggy sister Allie free-run on Zandvlei a few days ago, I dived into the estuary to cool off. I had great fun swimming and paddling, then getting out and running a bit before diving back into the vlei to cool off. It was such fun! And, boy, was I wet. Yet again.

If I were to tell you my resolutions for 2020, I’d have to include playing in water on the list. Along with lots of walks, runs, plays with my doggy sisters and family, lots of yummy food, and helping mom with everything I can. Then I’ll be a happy guide dog for sure

It’s Definitely Time to Paws for Thought

E82ac2ac 942a 4dbd a534 13d7214cd8e8Hello everyone, it’s me – Fiji the guide dog.

Life has been crazy busy since mom got back from Greece… wherever that is… so I didn’t get to post an article earlier this month – before now, that is.

I decided to take matters into my own paws and dognap mom’s pre-Christmas message. And if you’re wondering what dognapping is, it’s just like kidnapping only for dogs not for kids… or goats for that matter.

So this is me saying thank you to you all for an amazing 2017, and I hope you have a wonder-, family- and food- filled festive season and that 2018 is going to be your waggiest year yet. I know mom would join me in wishing you if she knew I was posting this, so take it from me that she also sends you loads of wags, or whatever the human equivalent is.

As a special treat (sadly it’s not a biscuit, but almost as good) To celebrate the festive season, I borrowed one of mom’s Christmas songs– just hit play and you’ll get to hear it too.

Now I’m going to curl up next to mom and dream of the delicious Christmas suppers that are bound to be eaten… and hopefully dropped on the floor so me and my doggy sisters can also partake.

So, from me and my sisters Emily and Eccles – and from mom and dad – happy Christmas!

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