Paws for Thought on Being a Celebrity

he image shows two women standing on a stage behind a lectern, with a Yellow Labrador standing next to them. The woman on the right is handing a gift bag to the woman on the left.

Hello everyone, it’s me – Fiji.

Last month Mom and I went to speak at the International Women’s Club. Well, if I’m honest, Mom went to speak and I went along to be adored, as usual.

And what a wonderful day it turned out to be. There were almost 200 women there and everyone was excited to see me. I got so many loves and pats that I almost wagged my tail off! It was amazing that so many ladies came to meet me, especially since it was just before a long weekend.

Do you have any idea how exhausting it is being adorably cute? I was almost relieved when it was time for me to take Mom up onto the stage to speak, because I was able to curl up at her feet and rest for a while. I caught Mom glancing at me once or twice in concern, because I’m usually quite active when she is speaking, trying to help her establish rapport with the audience. But this time I dozed happily beside her so I would be fresh and bouncy when we mingled with the audience after the presentation.

Huge wags to Esthea Mellet-Mass, who took the photographs at the event, including this one, where Mom is receiving her gift. I’d also like it to be noted that I had already got my bag of treats because they just couldn’t wait to give them to me, while Mom basically had to earn hers.

I know that my cuteness worked its usual charm because the rest of the afternoon, as we engaged with the audience and went to the restaurant to have lunch, people kept catching my eye and smiling at me. In fact, as we walked around, I heard several women say, Oh look, there’s Fiji!”

Which makes me realize the responsibility that comes along with being a celebrity – I had to be on my best behaviour because everyone recognised me and wanted to watch how well I was guiding Mom. And I’d hate to let my adoring fans down!

Which is all to explain why I had a remarkably satisfying nap when we got home. Because fame is a highly demanding thing! But I wouldn’t change it for the world!

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