A Different Way of Seeing

Have you ever wondered how a blind person pours a cup of coffee? Or how they and their guide dog know when it’s safe to cross a busy road? When Lois Strachan lost her sight at the age of 21 years she had to learn the answers to these and countless other questions of how to live as a blind person in a sighted world.

In this delightfully quirky and entertaining book Lois shares some of the secrets she discovered about how to live an “ordinary” life in an extraordinary way despite her blindness.


The Adventures of Missy Mouse

The Adventures of Missy Mouse are a series of books demonstrating to children (and adults) how Missy Mouse uses her other senses to engage with the world around her. The bright illustrations attract the eye and the stories educate and allow children to ask questions about visual impairment and enable them to become comfortable with the concept that others who are not able to see are just the same as they are.

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