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The Adventures of Missy Mouse are about a blind mouse who uses her other senses to engage with the world around her. The series is designed to teach children that a visually impaired person is simply a person who uses different techniques to accomplish tasks. The bright, bold illustrations catch the eye and the stories educate and encourage children to ask questions about visual impairment.

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The Missy Mouse books are delightful! Worth reading for children of all ages, 2 to 75 years. Missy Mouse shows us that the visually impaired live full lives and there is nothing to hold them back. Celebrate and make your children aware of those who are different!”

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*PS As an additional bonus you’ll also receive my beyond Sight Blog where I share my experiences of life as a blind person thriving in a sighted world.

My younger grandson is enthralled and devouring them! He has never before been a great reader. Seems you are changing his life.

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