Falling Back into the Habit


I know, I know, it’s been ages since I published an article. It’s certainly not for lack of anything to write about. After all, I recently got back from an amazing trip to Germany and Poland about which I have lots to share. I also need to gather my courage and write a final post honouring my retired guide dog, Eccles, who passed away after a short illness. Then I want to tell you about some of the exciting blind travel work I’m starting on, and a media interview I did recently.

So yes, I have plenty to share with you.

But somehow I’ve just fallen out of the habit of settling down to write…

Today I took the decision that it was time to fall back into that habit. so here’s just a short note to let you know that I’m back – back home, back writing, and back willing and eager to share more of my experiences living my ordinary life without sight.

I was startled to see that Fiji also neglected to write an article while I was away – clearly she was just having too much fun on her holiday from guide dogging. Maybe I’ll wake her up just now and ask her if she actually plans on writing a post this month. But you know what they say about letting sleeping dogs lie?

All I’m saying is watch this space…

The Best Way to Follow My Next Adventure


I can hardly believe it! After the fairly relaxed planning phase of the past few months, followed by the utter chaos of getting everything finished over the past few days, we’re finally off on our latest adventure – Berlin, Krakow and a number of exciting places between the two.

I’m going to continue posting articles while I’m away, but will probably only get to post once a week, rather than my usual twice.

If you’d like to follow my latest adventure, I’ll be posting regular updates and photos on my Facebook page. If you haven’t already subscribed (or rather liked) the page, it’s Lois Strachan – A Different Way of Seeing, and you can find it here:

Now, I think it’s about time I grab my bags, hug my dogs and go and catch a plane…

The Blind Tourist Travels Again

NewImageI know, I know – it’s been a while since I posted about a place where Fiji is welcome. And I will do so again soon, I promise. But you see, we’re busy planning our next overseas trip and I wanted to let you know where we’re off to this time, namely, Germany and Poland.

The main reason we’re travelling is to celebrate my brother Ian’s birthday in Krakow– and yes, it’s a big one! That, in itself, is a great reason to travel. But well, you know, since we’re going all that way we may as well make the most of it. So we’re taking the opportunity to spend a little time in Berlin, a city that neither I nor my husband have been to, and also to take a roadtrip through part of Poland we haven’t yet seen.

Our long distance flights are booked, and we’ve sort of figured out the route we’re going to take on our mini-roadtrip. Next up is the detailed planning –researching the places we plan to visit, and starting to figure out what we’ll need to take with us. For me that means starting my lists – lists of what clothes to pack, what books and music I want to take with me and, perhaps most importantly, what I need to buy to be sure I have all I need when I actually get round to packing.

At least this time I will remember to take my travel-sized hairdryer.

What? You think I’m crazy to take a hair dryer with me? Not so – last year when we went to Greece I promised myself I would never have to endure another cool evening with wet hair… so the hair dryer is now firmly on my packing list.

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