The characters

Join Missy Mouse and her friends on their various adventures…

missy mouse Missy Mouse

Missy Mouse is a friendly, active young mouse who leads an adventurous life – and happens to be blind. She lives in a cottage in Brambly Lane and enjoys spending time with her friends Mistress Kit, Captain Gruffy and Mickey Tat. Together with these and other friends, Missy is always busy, always going places and experiencing different things as she uses her other senses to investigate the world around her.

mistress kit Mistress Kit

Mistress Kit is Missy Mouse’s best friend. She is a stylish gray cat who drives a bright red sports car. Missy Mouse knows she can always count on Kit if she has a problem and the two friends have lots of adventures together.

Captain Gruffy Captain Gruffy

Captain Gruffy is a sailor who loves to spend time sailing on his yacht, The Swan. He is happy when his friends join him on board The Swan to spend an afternoon experiencing the joys of being on the water.

Mickey Tat Mickey Tat

Mickey Tat is another friend of Missy Mouse, Mistress Kit and Captain Gruffy. He does not get to spend as much time as he might like with the friends as he is kept busy in the city working. He enjoys music, just like Missy Mouse does and is always willing to give a helping hand wherever needed.