“Just wanted to let you know how much Katie is enjoying her Missy mouse books. I’m never only allowed to read one, at least two, preferably all of them every time if she gets her way. Missy mouse goes to to the park is her favourite, and she has attempted to tell me (a very shortened version thereof) the story while paging through the book too!!” – Natalie Lubbe

“Packing a picnic basket, Katie informs me that she is going to carry the basket like ‘miskiet’, cant figure out why she would want to be like a mosquito?! She sees that I don’t understand what she is on about so says she will show me. She fetches a missy mouse book and says like this one and points to mistress kit (with picnic basket in hand!!)” – Natalie Lubbe

“Missy Mouse is in the house! Fun holiday reading for my young friends. Check out Congratulations Lois Strachan” – Michele Fisher

“We received our set of 4 books today, and Julia Rose (4) absolutely loves them. We had to read all 4 immediately. What a great series! I will get them to the committee at Bryanston Organic Market ASAP. Keep writing, Lois!” – Jen Taylor

“My son Thai and I have just finished reading the last of the Missy Mouse books, well done Lois and Colleen, you’ve done an awesome job here!” – Jason Sandler

“Brilliant books for kids of all ages – my son Riley is only two but he LOVES the brightly coloured pictures with easily identifiable characters. I have to read them to him all too often since receiving the books as a gift. Can’t wait to read the next instalments!” – Chantal Taljaard