The creators

About the author

Lois Strachan became blind at the age of 21 as a result of Type 1 (childhood onset) diabetes. Lois is a speaker, facilitator and storyteller. She is passionate about communication and leadership development, and in assisting those with disabilities to participate more actively in the workplace.
Her series of children’s books, the Adventures Of Missy Mouse, are about a blind mouse who uses her other senses to engage with the world around her. She started writing the Missy Mouse stories to try to explain the abilities of visually impaired people to the children of family and friends.

The Missy Mouse books are available here (direct sales or Amazon)

Lois has a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English and Classical Civilisations, and an Honours degree in Classical Civilisations, both from the university of KwaZulu Natal. She also has a diploma in practitioner Coaching Skills, a Certificate in Human Resource Management from UNISA, and is a Distinguished Toastmaster.

She has worked as an office manager in a marine engineering consultancy, has been a singer in a rock band, and has served as District Governor of Toastmasters International, Southern Africa, a volunteer organisation focussing on communication and leadership development. She is an avid reader, enjoys music, cooking, and spending time with family and friends. She lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her husband and a houseful of dogs, one of whom is her guidedog.

Lois is available to speak at your company, organisation or school.

About the illustrator

Colleen Gomes is a Cape Town based Commercial Graphics & Events Product Designer. Passionate about family and design. Colleen was inspired by author, Lois, and her stories of triumph over adversity, caring and adventure.
With these two creatives coming together with their ideas, something inevitably wonderful was going to happen, and it did! Publishing Lois’s story, to be shared with family, friends and beyond, was a dream come true.

Many thanks to Sally Hetherington, of Kanga Creations, for her editing work.