Exploring My Journey as a Blind Entrepreneur

I’ve had the opportunity to be a guest on a number of podcasts this year. In my own show, A Different Way of Seeing, I am able to offer other people a place to share their stories, but I seldom share much about myself. Being a guest on other people’s episodes allows me to dive more deeply into aspects of my life, my thoughts, and my work. It’s also often a lot of fun!

One of the shows I appeared on recently was the Successful Self-employed and Disabled Podcast, with host Chris Mitchell from#DefineYourself. During the conversation we spoke about my transition from traditional employment to self-employment, and the role that self-confidence plays in entrepreneurship.

I had the chance to reflect on the way my business has evolved over the years, which was fascinating for me. I realized that in many ways each aspect of my business has seemed to lead directly into the next. As I listed the different parts of my work, I found myself considering the inter-relatedness of everything I do and the almost inevitability of my progress. And how everything fits so seamlessly together. It also struck me that much of my work revolves around the act of storytelling, which is a subject I may dive into in a future blog.

In the Successful Self-Employed and Disabled show, Chris is aiming to share stories of entrepreneurs with disabilities as a resource to other disabled people who wish to build a business. Looking through the descriptions of the episodes he’s published so far, the show is full of useful content and is well worth a listen.

And where better to start than with the interview Chris conducted with me. You can listen to the podcast or watch the video at the respective links below.

Watch on YouTube:

Listen on Spotify:

What were the questions that arose as you listened to the interview? I’d love to hear.

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