A Project on Inclusive Heritage with the District Six Museum

District 6 museum

Following the success of the blind photography project, professional photographer Karren Visser and I decided to collaborate on a second project. We put in a funding application to the UK-based disability arts group Unlimited which, in partnership with British Council, invited proposals for projects promoting disabled arts.

The project that Karren and I decided to work on was an exploratory project to assist a South African heritage site to assess how effectively they accommodate the needs of visitors with disabilities.

In the next few posts I’ll describe the experience of working with the District Six Museum on what became the project Inclusive Heritage ‘Kanala’ (please)

We submitted a video as part of the supporting documentation. I was honoured that friend and colleague Mr Musa Zulu, who is a highly respected South African visual artist, was willing to add his voice to our motivation.

You can find the video here:

Next time I’ll tell you more about what we actually did on the project.

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