Paws for Thought: The Dog with the Louding Voice

The image shows a yellow Labrador with the end of a dog leash gripped in her mouth

Hello everyone – it’s me, Fiji

I don’t know if I’ve told you, but my mom loves to read books.

You need to understand that books don’t make much sense to me. If they are made of paper they smell okay, but otherwise they’re pretty useless. My older sister Emily once tried to eat one and she said it wasn’t very nice. On the other paw, electronic books don’t even smell nice. So I don’t know why Mom loves them so much.

The reason I’m telling you this is that a few months ago she read a book called The Girl with the Louding Voice, by Abi Dare. She really enjoyed it, though she said it was a hard book to read. I started wondering about the title and decided that maybe I should be the dog with the louding voice.

Because, when I want to, I can shout very loud.

Mostly I shout at other dogs, or when humans arrive at my home. I shout to say hello but also to say that this is my property and they are my humans so you better behave according to my rules. Usually my doggy sister Allie and brother Onyx are shouting much the same thing at the same time.

But the other time we shout is when it’s time to take one of our parents for a walk. Then I shout especially loud – just to stop the humans from being distracted by something else when they should be getting ready to walk with us.

Mom decided she should track how loud we can shout. She receives a shouting notification on her watch, whatever that is. It’s called a noise alert. Usually when we shout the noise alert says we get to 90 decibels. Sometimes we even get to 95 decibels, but only if we’re doing a really loud shout.

So I have to tell you how proud I was when I actually managed to reach a personal best shouting score of 100 decibels yesterday. I was so excited I wanted to shout even louder and tell everyone how loud I was being. Only I was already shouting at my very loudest so they probably already knew. It was such a fantastic moment for me. Now I feel I truly am the dog with the louding voice!

I just wish I understood why Mom was shaking her head and covering her ears…

PS: I also wanted to tell you that Mom was on a video podcast called Bougie Dawg Tales on Sunday, where she was talking all about… you guessed it – Me! I don’t know when the episode will be released but I’ll get Mom to tell you as soon as it comes out so you can learn all about me, too.

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