Meadow Blue – My Very First Song

Lois singing

Over the years I’ve built up quite a library of writings. I’m going to share some of these with you on the first day of each month. Starting today.

“Meadow Blue” is the first song I ever wrote. I performed it on stage with the band, Phrank for a Moment, in Durban. It was written a few months after losing my sight – but that’s not what the song’s about!

Meadow Blue – by Lois Strachan.

You landed in my life, like a light on the horizon.
A star that fell from heaven, and landed in my hands.
Meadow Blue and ocean green
A perfect vision from within my dreams

I traveled down the pathways that brought me close to you.
But I found space had deceived me, and masked the real you.
Meadow blue, and ocean green
Distorted colours that confused my dreams.

You caught my eye, and spun me round.
You stole my light, and tore me down.
You tore me down.

Meadow blue and ocean green
Are no more than colours that betrayed my dreams.
Meadow green and ocean blue
Have finally let me see the real you.
They finally let me see the real.

You landed in my life, like a light on the horizon.
A star thrown down from heaven.

I haven’t decided what to share with you next month – maybe another song, maybe some poetry, or maybe some of my fiction and short stories.

Feel free to let me know what you’d like me to share.


  1. Beautiful lyrics but I wanted to hear you sing them

  2. It would be amazing to hear you sing this song.

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