Seeing the World Differently – Writing for The Blind Perspective

A few months ago I started writing for an e-newsletter called The Blind Perspective. What’s so great about this newsletter is that it’s written by visually impaired people for a visually impaired audience. My articles focus on why I love traveling to different places, and how I do so.

What’s interesting for me as a blogger and writer who has written extensively about travel is that I’ve had to really think about the fact I’m writing for a non-sighted audience. The way I write, and the stories I share, have a slightly different focus to them and it’s really making me think about what and how to bring my message across. At the same time, I hope my Blind Perspective articles can also be enjoyed by a sighted reader – so why not take a look and let me know?
Here’s a link to the first article, published in February 2018 – hope you enjoy it!

Just a brief note before you click on the link – you may feel the visual impact of the site is unusual. That’s because certain low vision conditions are more easily able to read print like this – remember I said the newsletter is by visually impaired people for visually impaired people, so it makes sense to present it in the most accessible form for that audience.
You can find out more about the Blind Perspective and read the most recent issue here:

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