An Unhealthy Obsession

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Mornings are one of my two busiest times of the day – breakfast arrives in the morning, there’s a chance to run around like crazy in the garden to greet the new day, and a chance to spend some quality time with mom.

I actually think mom is pretty well trained for her morning routine – I jump up at her as soon as the alarm goes off and she climbs straight out of bed and lets me and my doggy sisters out into the garden. When we’re ready she’s waiting to open the door to let us back in. So far, so good – her focus is where it ought to be.

Then, for no clear reason, she gets distracted and goes off to the kitchen, which ought to be a good think since that’s where our food is stored. But she totally ignores our food and goes to fill the kettle. What’s that all about? It’s of absolutely no use to us doggies!

Anyhow, eventually she finishes with the kettle and returns to her duty – looking after us dogs. Breakfast is quickly served and even more quickly enjoyed. Then she lets Eccles and Emily out for another play and I go back to bed… more play might be too much of a good thing that early in the morning… besides, I have to conserve my energy for when I take mom for a walk later on.

Of course I sleep through the next bit but Emily tells me that mom’s unhealthy obsession with the kettle continues once my sisters are back inside. Since mom’s not doing anything important I’m happy to delegate the responsibility of watching her to Emily, who seems perfectly content to hang out in the kitchen for no earthly good reason.

Of course I wake up so I can check what shoes mom’s wearing – if she’s wearing her trainers it usually means she’s going to be a good mom and let me take her for a walk. And naturally I avoid the temptation to steal her socks, no matter how much I may want to – I’m a guide dog, after all!

As you can see, apart from her unhealthy obsession with the kettle, mom was pretty well trained by my predecessors, Leila and Eccles. Of course I had to retrain her on a few minor points when I first got partnered with her – can you believe she actually tried to send me outside with the others after breakfast before I showed her I wasn’t interested in going. Unfortunately, no manner of retraining has broken her kettle bad habit, but I’m willing to keep trying if any of you have any suggestions for me. Apart from that I’m really happy with how well she works – good mom, clever mom!

Now, I wonder how long it is till supper time, which is my other bestest time of the day!

As a side note, I’m also proud of mom for remembering that the first Tuesday of the month is my day to post an article – she really is a well-trained mom!

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  1. Aah, precious!

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