Where Two Roads Intersect

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Those of you who know the Oedipus myth will understand one of the reasons for the title of this article. For those who don’t, a crossing of roads plays a rather significant part in the Oedipus story… well, actually a three-way stop, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me the liberty.

According to the myth, Oedipus was raised as a prince of Corinth, not knowing his real parents had abandoned him in the wilds since it was foretold he would kill his father. Fate being what it is, the baby was saved and raised in nearby Corinth where he grew up and promptly went on to kill his father in one of the earliest incidents of road rage at that fateful intersection of two roads.

Craig and I visited Corinth on our recent trip to Greece. As I walked round the ruins my mind was filled with images of a young Oedipus running and playing on the same streets where I was walking.

Craig, it seemed had his mind on a completely different subject. I was utterly stunned when he expressed his awe at being in a place where St Paul had preached to the young Christian congregation.

What? Wait a moment… Oedipus and St Paull associated with the same ancient site? Amazingly, I’d never made the connection that the letters to the Corinthians written by St Paul were to citizens of the same Corinth where Oedipus had supposedly grown up.

So that’s the other reason for the title of this article – Corinth is the place where two ancient stories intersect.

If you want to know how Oedipus came to kill his father and what happened next… Well, gooble is your friend!

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