The Other Side of the Story – The SA Guide-Dogs Association World Sight Day Dinner

Cds 2017 10 14 17 46 26I’m not sure if you knew this but mom is currently somewhere in Greece… wherever that is. She managed a create a few posts before she left but I decided I’d fill in for her while she’s away.

I know mom already posted about it, but I wanted to give you my impressions of the SA Guide-Dogs (aka me) World Sight Day Dinner.

Of course there were lots of dogs there – it was a Guide-Dogs dinner after all so there should have been. And while we didn’t get to play as much as we might have wanted, at least we had a fun pre-dinner playtime. Yes, we were all on leashed (well, most of us were) but you’d be amazed how much you can still play when tethered to your human. You’ll note I said most of us were leashed – my friend Leo managed to escape briefly and had a good run around, and my other friend Ascii not only got to run but even managed to leap right over a hedge in his excitement. But the rest of us had to make do with a good play-tussle with those closest to us.

Naturally I went up on stage with mom when she went to speak. Everything looks a bit different when you’re a meter off the ground on a stage rather than under a table. I was really proud of mom being asked to speak but I was amazed to discover that she also suffers from dog distraction, just like I do! At least the other dog said something complimentary about mom’s speech so I didn’t have to go and snarl at him afterwards.

There were two things that confused me. If it was a guide dog’s dinner, why didn’t we get any food? Deep down I guess I didn’t really expect to be fed, especially since mom fed me at home before we left, but still…

the other thing that confused me was why mom changed out of the perfectly sensible jeans, T-shirt and running shoes she wore for the doggy play pre-event and instead insisted on wearing a silly long dress and high heels for the actual dinner. Too add insult to injury she told me I couldn’t go and meet the cute 12-week old puppy, Andy, because she was sure I’d pull her over in my excitement. Honestly, if she’d stayed in her running shoes rather than those stupid pointy heels it wouldn’t have been a problem!

Overall , it was a fun evening and I’m really glad I got to play with some of my friends like Leo and Jody while mom was still dressed sensibly. And I did get to meet some nice people who were sitting at my table, including someone called The Premier. And because of the dinner they’ll be able to train 8 more guide dogs in Cape Town, so I’ll have even more guide dog friends to play with. If you’re a dog lover, I’d definitely recommend attending next year… and maybe mom and I will see you there!

Oh, I almost forgot, I’ve been sniffing around to see if I could dig up any information about the recording of mom’s speech, but nothing’s turned up yet. But I’ll keep digging…

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