While Mom’s Away, the Dog Plays!

I know it’s Casual Day today and that mom is very excited that South Africans are uniting to support persons living with disabilities. And that’s all great – I’m happy she’s so excited but, when it comes down to it, I’m a dog so I get excited about other things, like walking, chasing squirrels, and playing with my Golden Retriever sister Emily. So, much as mom might want me to, I’m not going to write about Casual Day. Rather, I’m going to tell you what an amazing time I had when mom went to Ghana for a week and left me behind.

First, I want to remind you of something I said in my very first guest article on mom’s blog – above all, I absolutely hate being left behind. I’m a working dog and working is the thing I really love to do. But I understand that sometimes mom can’t take me with her and, though I hate it, I have learned to cope with being treated like a dog… well, like my doggy brother and sisters: Calvin, Eccles and Emily.

But this time I was given a special treat while mom was away – I got to go to work with dad… for the whole week! And I met lots of wonderful people and got to have lots of fun playing on the sports field at the office. Of course, I very soon learned to navigate my way round the buildings and, though dad doesn’t need me to guide him places, at LEAST I know I could show mom where to go the next time she visits dad’s workplace.

I also got to sleep under dad’s desk, which is what I’m doing in the photograph for this post. Dad brought my blanket and water-bowl with him so I’d have everything I needed, with the exception of my sister Emily – we could have had such fun playing together on the sports field!

One of the ladies who sits near dad even dropped some food on the floor once – she said It was an accident but I kept a good eye on her and dad’s other colleagues after that because you never know what might happen.

I was really happy when mom came home but, at least now I know that is she goes away to a place I can’t accompany her, maybe dad will take me to work with him again!

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