Can Someone Please Explain This to Me?

Cds IMG 3018 You know, there’s one activity that mom does on a regular basis that simply doesn’t make sense to me – going to meetings. I mean, we get into a car and go somewhere interesting, meet up with lots of fascinating people whose shoes and clothes often smell of interesting things like other dogs, cats… and on one remarkable recent occasion, even a Rabbit! Now, all of that makes a certain degree of sense – we dogs are social beings so going somewhere we can connect with others is lots of fun. But then they all go and sit down and it just gets really boring for me – a few people stand up and go to the front of the room and talk for a bit (sometimes even mom does this) and then they sit down while everyone smacks their paws together. And then someone else stands up and walks to the front of the room and the whole thing happens all over again. I promise I really try to sit still and behave like mom wants me to but I get so bored that eventually I start to sniff the floor to see if anyone perhaps dropped something interesting, or I put my head on someone’s lap in case they’re as bored as I am and are also looking for a distraction – I’m sure they appreciate that I’m giving them something useful to do. But then mom gets me to come and lie down and the seemingly endless cycle starts again. So, if any of you can explain this very peculiar human behavior to me, I’d really appreciate it… Wags!

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  1. Ha ha ha, I can relate to Fiji, what an intelligent girl she is!!

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