Paws for Thought 01 – Something to Chew On Paws for Thought 01 – Something to Chew On

Cds 2016 04 16 10 12 33Have you any idea how odd you humans appear to us dogs?

When my mom said I could write a monthly guest article on her blog, I thought I could use it to show you the world from my perspective… and hopefully that will give you paws for thought!

My name is Fiji and I’m a blonde Labrador cross Golden Retriever. I was born on 30 August 2014 in Johannesburg. More importantly, I’ve been working as a guide dog since March 2016 and have had lots of exciting adventures with my mom, Lois Strachan.

Before I start telling you about some of them, here’s a few of my most and least favourite things in the whole wide world:

I love working with my mom, running with my dad, playing with my doggy sister Emily, food, jumping in the sea or vlei, and chasing squirrels… not necessarily in that order!

I really don’t like being left at home and…well, that’s pretty much the only thing I don’t like… Oh, and being Top Spotted with yucky stuff to make sure I don’t have fleas…but that’s about it.

Mom advised me to keep my posts short and, since I’ve already been for a walk with mom and have had breakfast AGES ago, I’m going to find my doggy-sister Emily and see if she wants to play

Goodbye till the next Paws for Thought!


  1. So cute. I love the title!

  2. So true is the fact that anything that a dog may like has no priorities over the instantaneous moment. Hence, “squirrel!”

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