Looking for Your Suggestions

Over the past few weeks I’ve posted links to a few videos showing how I accomplish simple, everyday tasks without sight, often with the help of my beautiful guide dog, Fiji.

I’m curious to know what other videos you’d like to see – anything that would help you learn more about how a visually impaired person does things. Or, at least, how I do things as a visually impaired person – I’d never presume to believe that my way is the only way… or even the best way… to do something.
I’ve already had a few suggestions for more videos: how I apply make-up, shopping, cooking, pouring coffee (or wine, for that matter), how I use my computer and mobile phone, and how Fiji and I cross roads and how we catch Ubers.

If you have additional ideas of what you’d like to know about, please just let me know.

To give you an idea of what the videos may be like, here’s a few links to previous videos I’ve done:

Using an escalator

Walking in Tokai Forest

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