Time to Brush Up on My Skills

When this is published I’ll be immersed in the professional speaking world at the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa Convention. This year the annual PSASA Convention is in Cape Town so it’s right on my doorstep – at least it is, if one thinks of the whole of Cape Town as one very big door!

Over the past few months I’ve been part of the organising team for the convention, working with conference convenor, Bronwyn Hesketh. I’ve been on a few conference organising teams before but this one has been the most fun – probably the most work but definitely the most fun! It’s been great seeing the whole event take shape before our eyes… not without the odd mishap along the way, but that’s only to be expected.

I’ve also had the opportunity of interacting with the 16 speakers taking part on the programme. So I already know what they’ll be speaking on. I know I’ll gain insights into topics that will make me a better speaker and help me grow my speaking business. It’s going to be a great way for me to brush up on my skills!

I have no doubt that Fiji will be staring out of the glass doors at the panoramic view from the conference centre at the Lagoon Beach Hotel, plotting

Here’s another Fiji video – this time of when she and I went walking in Tokai Forest.
(Link here)
It was a beautifully warm morning. In fact, at over 32 degrees Celsius it was verging on being a little too warm! The sky was clear and there was a gentle breeze keeping it from becoming stifling. It was a beautiful day to walk in the forest.

I did have an ulterior motive for wanting to walk there – I wanted to assess Fiji’s dog and squirrel distraction levels in a safe environment. Occasionally I’ve noticed her being a little too eager to go and play with other dogs and with squirrels… though I’m not sure that chasing squirrels counts as playing – at least, not if you happen to be one of those squirrels!

Naturally, Fiji behaved perfectly when we were in Tokai Forest. Yes, she may have looked at a few dogs and noted when two squirrels sped past her, but at no stage did she veer off course or pull towards them. I was really proud of her as I know it must be hard for a dog to so totally ignore what their instincts are telling them. Well done, Fiji!

Hope you enjoy the short video of Fiji and I walking down the forest path…

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