And Now what Do You Expect Me To Do?

So, what’s the quickest way to annoy me? Ask me to sign up for a mailing list and then add a sight-dependent verification process that I can’t access!

To be fair, that’s probably not the quickest way to annoy me, but annoy me it does.

It happened to me again today, on a site for indie authors which, as you can imagine, could be of real value to me in promoting my new book.

I totally get that mailing lists want to protect themselves against bots and non-human interference. That’s pretty sensible. The question I ask myself is whether it’s really all that hard to make an accessible form of that process?

In fact, I know the answer to that question – no, it’s not hard to do… it’s not hard at all!

Oh well, maybe I’m just not meant to get onto that mailing list… I’m sure there are other sites that will give me the same information that actually wat me to subscribe…


  1. I don’t like those. I dislike them very much. In the alternative for audio version? I think someone said let’s scramble The numbers up in a bunch of mixed odd noises with different phases running in and out scramble it up a little bit because the blind can hear real good they’ll be able to pick those numbers out easily.

    And then, The audacity to not focus the cursor in the text box… Nice!

    1. You’re right, Jeff – the audio alternatives aren’t great either. But at least the developers have taken our needs into consideration. Admitedly they haven’t done so in a great way but at least its a starting point that will hopefully be improved over time

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