Eventually… A Sub-Title!

For some time I have been puzzling over what to sub-title my book, A Different Way of seeing.

Initially I had “My Life Without Sight”, but it didn’t really work for me because the book is not a biography, or a memoir – it’s a combination of how I accomplish everyday tasks and some anecdotes illustrating what I’m saying.

Eventually, after a whole lot of discarded non-possibilities, I decided to get input from another writer friend, Christopher Venter, who runs the Blind Scooter Guy blog that I referred to in a previous article (see my post on 10 June 2016). Chris and I threw around a few ideas and eventually I found something that resonated with me.

So, as I continue to work towards publishing my book, the full title will be

A different Way of Seeing: A Blind Woman’s Journey of Living an “Ordinary” Life in an Extraordinary Way

What do you think? Does the sub-title work for you?

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