A Different Way of Seeing – One Year Down

Cds IMG 2712Tomorrow will be a landmark for me – I started writing my book, A Different Way of Seeing: My Life without Sight, on 8 June last year – with 2016 being a leap year, that makes it 365 days since I began this particular journey…

You know, I’d always thought that creating the text would be the hardest (and longest) part of writing a book, but recent history has proved me wrong. After all, the actual writing only took me 7 weeks. Well might you ask what I’ve been doing for the rest of the time!

So, here’s a status check: the text is complete and has been edited, the foreword has been written (more on that later) and I am awaiting brief testimonials from colleagues to go on the back cover. Once I have those, the cover will be designed, the complete text will be proof read and typeset, and I will proceed to printing and online publishing.

On the subject of the foreword, I was thrilled when author, inspirational speaker creative artist, and friend, Musa E Zulu agreed to write the foreword for me. I’ve mentioned Musa in previous articles I’ve written. We first met over 25 years ago before I lost my sight and before the car accident that left Musa in a wheelchair. Musa is the creative Director of Valhalla Arts, and is responsible for the annual Tributes Excellence Awards that honour women with disabilities who have excelled in their fields, of which I was a recipient last year.

So, that’s where I am now on the book. I can’t give you a definite date when it will (eventually) be available, but I can assure you that the end is in sight!

To find out more about the remarkable Musa E Zulu: www.valhallaarts.co.za

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