Overcoming Challenges – Tips to Help You Move Forward 05

I was chatting to a potential client at an event last week and she asked me how she, , could maintain her positive attitude in a highly stressful job, rather than falling into the trap of taking on the negativity of those around her – a trend that exhausted her and which she sometimes ended up taking out on her family.

I think it is essential for us to top up our attitude tank on a regular basis, to give us the fuel we need to maintain our positivity even when those around us are caught up in negativity, and especially when we are asked to support and guide colleagues and team members who are experiencing challenges.

Sometimes we can counter the stress and negativity of others by remaining somewhat objective, but when we start taking on the stress of others, we need a different way to top up our positivity.

For me, spending some time on an activity that I really enjoy is a good way to do this – I absolutely love music and reading and often feed my attitude tank by taking a little time to immerse myself in a book or listen to a few of my favourite songs. Even having music playing quietly in the background while I am working through a difficult task can counter the stress to a degree. My husband, Craig, Is an avid runner and uses his running as a way of de-stressing when he gets home from work – recharging his attitude tank in the process.

What activities could you use to top up your attitude tank? Maybe spending some quality time with your children or partner, maybe taking some time to spend on an activity that you enjoy, maybe pampering yourself, or simply taking some time to just sit and do nothing.

Don’t be stranded with an empty attitude tank – top up as often as you need to help you move through your challenges and support those around you who are also experiencing difficulties.

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